Do Raspberries Grow on Trees?

The simple answer to this question is no, raspberries themselves do not grow on trees. Well, they do not grow from trees to be more specific. Raspberries are fruit that is coming from a vine. Therefore, if the vine grows along the tree it could appear to be coming from the tree, but it is not. Many trees do grow berries that look similar to raspberries but are not, you would know as soon as you taste them due to them having little to no flavor. 

What is a Raspberry? 

A Raspberry is an edible berry, aka a fruit. Raspberries happen to be perennial which means there is no need to replant them year after year, unless you want a ton. These berries will get more growth and better pollination throughout the years, it often takes a few years for it to get going. Raspberries are within the genus of Rubus, roses also come from this genus. 

Health Benefits of Raspberries

If you have ever heard of antioxidants then you know that they do amazing things for your body from the inside out. Antioxidants come in many different forms such as Vitamin C, Selenium, Zeaxanthin, and many other words neither of us can pronounce. Antioxidants are proven to eliminate toxins from within the body. It detoxes from the inside out, as in it helps digestion and it will help your skin as well as other things. The main point is that the vitamins and minerals that are considered antioxidants are great for you and you should have some each and every day. 

Fiber is another thing that raspberries are rich in. Fiber is what helps make going to the bathroom much easier. Generally, people think of fiber rich foods as the crackers that taste like cardboard or something of the like. But the reality is that many tasty fruits and veggies have a high fiber content. There is no need to compromise taste for nutrients! 

Another way that antioxidants help the body is by delivering more power to the brain. There are studies that have shown that Vitamins E & C help people remember things as they get older. 

Another health benefit besides antioxidants is the flavonoids in raspberries. These can suppress inflammation which can help protect against cardiovascular disease. 

Can I Grow Raspberries at Home? 

The answer is yes! You can absolutely grow raspberries at home and it isn’t that difficult. If you go to almost any store that has plants you should be able to find an already growing raspberry plant or at least the seeds to start growing a raspberry plant. Like stated above, these plants, vines to be exact, may take a few years to really establish themselves in your yard and grow enough to create the fruit that everyone wants. 

Some tips on growing raspberries are as follows. Pick a spot that has a lot of sun and well-drained soil. If you are planting multiple raspberry plants put each one 3 feet apart at the least amount. If your plant starts to create raspberries make sure to take the berries off often so that they keep producing the fruit throughout the thriving period. 

More specifically make sure that the raspberry plans have at least 6 hours of sun a day and be sure to do a lot of research on your area and when or how much you should expect sun everyday. Since these plants need some support make sure not to plant them by other, more sturdy plants. Those other plants could take over the area where raspberries are trying to grow. In addition to that the other plants may carry verticillium wilt which would hurt the raspberry bushed more than other fruits or vegetables. 

Staking raspberry bushes is something that many people do due to their vulnerability while growing. Many gardener’s and researchers recommend T-posts that are about 5 feet apart. This will work like a lattice and it will keep the plants growing upwards as to not push other plants out. Overall these plants should last 10-15 years at the least. 

Selling Raspberries

When at the grocery store you can normally see raspberries around $5 for a half pint. This seems like a great re-sale value but the labor that goes into growing successful enough raspberries to sell is quite a lot. 

When planting raspberries the main problem is often that the soil is too wet for them to grow successfully. Some suggest that organic matter in the soil and raised growing beds could greatly help this obstacle. 

Another thing that many raspberry growers have a problem with is animals coming and eating the delicious berries. Raccoons often find and target raspberry bushes which in turn makes them disappear very quickly. 

Although it can yield a high profit there is no easy way to grow and market raspberries. The reality is that it takes a lot of time and work to grow raspberries worth selling to the market that wants raspberries. Since many are paying a lot for these berries it means that they expect the best of the best and when they don’t get that they tend to be disappointed. So if you don’t want your name ruined in the beginning take a few years to figure it out and decide how you want to grow and market your berries. 


Although raspberries have a ton of qualities we all want in our life, they do not grow on a tree. Therefore, you need a little more room to have a lot of plants, or enough plants to profit off of them. If you are not looking to profit off of these berries then simply growing them to eat is a great idea as well. The antioxidants in the berries give you great memory, can help clear your skin, can help detox your body and a lot more if you eat enough on a weekly or daily basis. The only thing you really have to look out for is the raccoons that may be looking at your berries as tasty treats.


Charlie loves to garden with his family and friends. His favorite vegetables to grow are cucumbers, string beans and lettuce.

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