What is the Most Profitable Crop for a Small Farm?

When considering time spent cultivating the crop and the amount of labor spent harvesting the crop, oyster mushrooms, lavender, saffron, and goji berries are the most profitable crops for a small farm and its owner. With small farms, size of the crop and practicality in growing are often factors when deciding what to plant. These aforementioned crops are not only extremely profitable, but they are also versatile and they have a high yield rate.

Are Oyster Mushrooms a Profitable Crop?

Oyster mushrooms are, by far, one of the most versatile crops for a large variety of reasons. Among these reasons, oyster mushrooms have the ability to grow quickly, they possess a high yield rate per square foot, and they can be extremely versatile depending on the individual grower’s needs.


Oyster mushrooms are one of the quickest growing crops that small farmers can cultivate. At a rate of approximately five weeks per growth cycle, you can have a large amount of crop ready to harvest in a short period of time. Additionally, oyster mushrooms tend to average approximately six growing cycles a year meaning that you have a crop that will continue to produce for over half the year and continue to be profitable!

Yield Rate

Oyster mushrooms have the ability to produce up to 25 pounds of produce per square foot of growth. To put that into perspective, each pound of oyster mushrooms can be sold for anywhere between $10 to $20. That means that for each square foot of oyster mushrooms you have, you have the potential to sell your one, singular square foot of harvest for $250 to $500!


The tremendous thing about oyster mushrooms is that they are versatile in how, and where, they can be grown. They are the perfect crop as they can be grown indoors inside large, vertical hanging bags or outdoors in any way conceivable. To a small farmer with a limited amount of space, the ability to grow vertically, as well as horizontally, can prove extremely profitable.

Will Growing Lavender Be Worth It?

Lavender is truly one of the most sought after crops in the world due to its large plethora of buyers. In addition to its ability to be sold to a wide variety of industries, lavender also has the ability to grow quite quickly and even has a fantastic yield rate.

Selling Versatility

Unbeknownst to many small farmers, lavender has the ability to be sold in a wide variety of ways. It can be sold fresh in bundles, it can be dried and sold to craft shops or florists, it can be made into oils, soaps, and even lotions. More so, lavender can also be infused into foods such as ice cream, as well as household items like pillows and bedding! Because it has such a wide range of potential uses, there will always be a buyer for lavender.

Growth Rate

The fantastic thing about lavender is that it is not a one-and-done kind of plant. Lavender is fantastic for small farmers in the fact that it can be harvested up to twice a year for up to ten years increasing your potential profitability. It will not flower until its second year, but after this, it will continue to flower afterwards for years to come making this a low-work, high-reward crop.

Yield Rate

When deciding what crop to grow, lavender is at the top of many people’s lists because it has a rather high yield rate. A single acre of land can produce up to 12,000 bouquets annually. Each of these bouquets will sell for at least $10 meaning that for only one acre of land, you have the potential to make up to $120,000!

Is Saffron the Most Expensive Crop in the World?

For its weight, saffron is one of the most expensive crops in the world. While not perfect for a small farm, saffron has one tremendous upside that may be too good to pass up: it is very profitable.


If you are a small farmer looking for a big profit, saffron may be your best bet. Despite only yielding approximately four pounds of saffron per acre, each pound of saffron can sell for up to $10,000. For only one acre of saffron, you have the potential to make $40,000! If saffron grows well in your area, it is a tremendous investment!

Are Goji Berries a Profitable Superfood?

Beloved by many, goji berries are currently considered a superfood and, as such, are in extremely high demand. Besides their superstar status as a superfood, goji berries are adaptable as well as profitable to the smaller farmer willing to grow them.


In both China and the United States, goji berries currently hold the status of being a superfood. They are extremely nutritious and are filled with antioxidants which are believed to fight aging. In addition, they also may even have anti-cancer benefits which make them a highly sought after superfood.


While most goji berries are grown in China, they also have the ability to be grown in North American climates. Being able to withstand colder temperatures, goji berries can be grown in most parts of the United States without worrying about climate. This makes them extremely valuable to small farmers.


Dried goji berries sell for a reasonable price of $20 per pound. While this is not a large amount at face value, do remember that, per acre, goji berries can yield up to 7,000 pounds! This means that for the small farmer, an acre of goji berries can make you up to $140,000!


For the small, independent farmer, it can be a difficult decision to pick what to grow with the minute amount of land that they may have. After all, you want the best bang for your buck. By planting and cultivating oyster mushrooms, lavender, saffron, or even goji berries, any owner of a small farm can turn a huge profit and make the most of the land that they have!


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